Why Use Phender Pros?

While Phender Pros have been around since 2008 and are not new boating, many boaters are just now learning how valuable they are to have on your boat.  Let’s take a look at how Phender Pro’s can add protection and convenience to your boat.

First, most all modern boats, and the entire Sea Pro lineup have deep V hulls which slice waves to make for a smoother ride.  This bow flare design results in the forward cleat being just as the bow starts to turn into the V shape design.

Now, when docking you have two very different types of environments with different challenges.  In states like Florida, you generally have 1-3ft tides in most areas, so most docks are not floating.  Once you get north into Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, etc, tides start to vary more.

In these photos of this 248 docked up to a floating dock, you can see how the fender is just where the bow starts to curve.  Once the 8-12ft tides common in Georgia start up, this fender will be pushed forward by the current, reducing the protection of the hull.

Phender Pros allow a secondary mounting position that is perfect for your fenders instead of the cleats, which are designed to be the best spot to secure the boat to the dock.  As you can see from the 248 with Phender Pros, the fenders are now placed exactly where they are needed, protecting the boat as much as possible!

The best part about Phender Pros is how easy they are to use.  Simply push in until you hear a click to mount them, or push down on the button and lift up to remove.

When Launching my boat, I always grab my fenders and plug them into my Phender Pro.  The 360 degree swivel mounting style ensures they do not get caught on the trailer’s guide posts, while also having them readily available for solo docking after taking the boat off the trailer so I can quickly grab and park my truck when solo, or quickly dock up and be ready for my fishing buddy on tandem trips.

The best part here is that as soon as you’re pulling away from the dock, you can simply unplug them and stow them before you’re even out of the no wake zone!

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